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On the Scene…Florentine Garden Party

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#1 The Sartorialist

The Sartorialist

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Inviato 25 May 2016 - 14:41:41


Angelo Bonati, CEO Officine Panerai 


I was very honored to be invited to Panerai’s Florence exhibition “Dive into Time”, for the premiere of their LUMINOR DUE watch, the newest and most slimmed down version of their iconic Luminor design.


I probably knew less about watches than almost anyone else there, which no doubt led to a bigger reaction from me than anyone else, when I saw the incredible precision and craftsmanship it takes to make a watch like this.


However I have to admit, like most of these events, although I’m very curious and interested in the product, I’m usually struck by the people that surround and create great craftsmanship. Mr. Bonati (photo above), is what I would consider your typical ideal of an Italian gentleman (if something like an Italian gentleman could ever be typical). Soft-spoken and gentle until the subject of his passion, in this case watches or apparently boats are brought up, and then you see the classic Italian passion ignite.


I learned a lot about high end timepieces that day. I won’t try to make you feel small by spouting out how much I know (this might cover for not being able to pronounce or spell most of the words), but I will let the images below speak to what a charming occasion and what charming people Panerai invited to the event. Also sending a big thanks to everyone involved, hopefully we’ll have the chance to participate in another event soon with this wonderful team and company.



Francesca from Panerai


Carlo Montanaro, director of THE LIFE, Italian Magazine


 Wei Koh, founder of Revolution and The Rake Magazines.


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